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Nova Scotia | Canada

Just by hearing the name Canada a lot of people begin to dream. Images of vast, endlessly open spaces, unforgettable nature, crystal clear lakes and rivers, diverse wildlife and adventure all come to mind with the thought of Canada. Not only will we tell you about superb fishing but also introduce you to a part of Canada that combines everything within view of the horizon- the province of Nova Scotia. Thanks to the latitude on which Nova Scotia is located (the same as the south of France), you can experience pleasantly warm, and at times even hot temperatures during the summer; it’s latitude also influences the fast rising temperatures of the water and air.

The sea is a constant companion in Nova Scotia, no matter where you find yourself; you are never further away from it than a two-hour drive. The coast stretches out over 7.600 km and is only interrupted by idyllic fishing villages, sandy beaches and steep cliffs. Tremendous tidal ranges are awaiting you in the Bay of Fundy with cliffs sometimes towering over 200 meters: with over a 12 meter difference between low and high tides it is the biggest tidal range the world.

The Cabot Trail belongs amongst the most beautiful coastal drives in the world, winding 300 kilometers around the northern shores of Cape Breton. Currently the coast of Inverness and Antigonish County are releasing their prehistoric secrets: those who invest a bit of time searching here will most certainly make a find.

Nova Scotia doesn’t even stop at history: from the Louisburg Fortress to the first
SOS radio message of the Titanic received in Canso (our homeport), to Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Bell spent a large part of his life in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The Bell museum in Baddeck still takes people all the way back to the earliest days of telecommunication. Halifax is the metropolis of Nova Scotia and is it’s historic stronghold. Here you will find everything about the “First Nation” peoples (Indians) from the European settlers right up to the present time. Accompany us from the south coast up north to Cape Breton, and you will behold one of the most interesting and beautiful provinces of Canada. You will be met with friendliness and hospitality throughout Nova Scotia, and you will always be welcomed with open arms.

One of the biggest spectacles created by nature is doubtlessly Indian Summer. During this autumn season the eye won’t be spared: the blaze of colors that cover the country during this time of year is simply breathtaking! The fantastic coloring of the leaves combined with the very pleasant and warm temperatures are alone worth a visit to Nova Scotia. It is during this time that many Europeans, Asians and Americans arrive to be a part of this magical display. Amongst other things, it is also the tuna fishing season!

Nova Scotia, be it weather or landscape, can not be compared to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec or any other Canadian province or territory.
Nova Scotia benefits from the favorable latitude and the positive influence of the Gulf Stream in terms of both temperature and weather conditions. The lakes’ water temperature often rises above 20°C and often rises above that mark even in the Atlantic. Perhaps it is these perfect conditions that make Nova Scotia such a unique place for tuna fishing. The summer temperatures are sometimes over 30°C, but when refreshed by a light sea breeze transform the day into one of relaxation rather than of strain. In this perfectly balanced combination of pleasant temperatures and warm, slightly salty breezes any activity in addition to fishing can be enjoyed to it’s fullest- and let’s not forget the health aspects of the fresh, soothing ocean air.

At the Halifax airport, new arrivals often notice the license plates of local cars: they read “Nova Scotia The Ocean Playground”. It is not by coincidence that this slogan was chosen to highlight this province. Surrounded by the Atlantic our drive takes us past rivers and lakes, each one more beautiful then the next- a veritable El Dorado for all anglers and water lovers alike. From sailing, jet skiing, motor boating and canoe tripping through to surfing, kayaking and sport diving you can participate in any kind of water sport within this breathtaking landscape.

Big Game Fishing in Nova Scotia!

TunaXXL.com Bluefin Charter, is a unique adventure in Canada which was restricted from
anglers for a long period of time; however, now the opportunity is capable, and with TunaXXL we offer you the chance and experience to catch the great big bluefin tuna.
For our guests we organise an amazing Big Game Fishing adventure incl. flight, rental
car, boat charter and lodging. These tours can also be booked separately, regardless of
other services.
Special: Experience one day with a local lobster fisherman and accompany him on the
Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.

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