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Fishing Equipment and Methods

Canadian developed “Kite Fishing” has proven very effective with large fish of prey in the sea. Besides trolling with artificial bait, fishing with live bait in combination with the kite system is very successful.

A fishing kite is set into the wind with a separate line at a 50 to 70m distance from the boat. 20 to 25 meters in front of the kite a “release clip” has been worked into the string, which is then hooked into the actual fishing line. This creates a type of crane ensuring the bait is always offered just below the surface and allows you to regulate how deep or high up the baitfish swims: when letting the kite fly further out the bait rises and when pulling the kite closer in the bait glides deeper. In this way the bait imitates the behaviour of an injured fish, which has separated itself from the shoal and thus displays an ideal prey for the blue fin!

What usually happens next is close to indescribable! Seeing the bait being attacked by the blue fin at maximum speed leaves you breathless and fills your body with an uncontrollable amount of adrenalin. Some fishermen have even spoken of experiencing a “black out”!

Therefore the fishing equipment used has to be customized to suit the size and strength of the fish. The 50lb to 80lb tackle is known to suffer from a broken rod and/or spool from brake and bearing damage. If wanting to fish more easily exclusive high quality spools and rods are vital to withstand the tremendous strength of the blue fin! Usually the fishing gear consists of a 130 lb rod and a 130lb two- geared multi-spool.

Monofile fishing lines with Dacron-Backing complete the combination. The weight bearing capacity of the applied fishing line is 15% to 25% of the expected weight of the fish. Therefore a 1000lb blue fin needs to be encountered with a minimum of 150lb to 250lb carrying line. It was quite the experience for me to adapt to this kind of ratio with regard to line strength and test curve! If one were to compare this to “modern” pike fishing for example, the fishing equipment used for blue fins is in fact comparatively light. Nowadays braided lines capable of easily holding 10 to 15 kilos are used
for pike fishing: when anticipating an estimated 10 kilo pike, the bearing capacity in relation to the weight of the fish lies at 100% to 150%.

Big Game Fishing in Nova Scotia!

TunaXXL.com Bluefin Charter, is a unique adventure in Canada which was restricted from
anglers for a long period of time; however, now the opportunity is capable, and with TunaXXL we offer you the chance and experience to catch the great big bluefin tuna.
For our guests we organise an amazing Big Game Fishing adventure incl. flight, rental
car, boat charter and lodging. These tours can also be booked separately, regardless of
other services.
Special: Experience one day with a local lobster fisherman and accompany him on the
Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.

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