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Under this heading you will find pictures and information about tuna which have been caught off Canso, Nova Scotia, and the tours we arrange.

Photos of Tuna in Canso, Nova Scotia, 2008
Recent catches.  The fish shown were all caught with rod and line!!  We are not able to show all the fish caught due to  lack of space.  The present record stands at 22 Bluefins over 400lb. which were all landed on Wednesday, October 15th.!!!

175 Bluefins with an average weight of about 500 lb. within only 20 days' fishing
In October 2008 during a period of only 20 days, 175 fish were caught.  Smaller specimens. which were put back. are not included in this figure.

"Fisch und Fang" on a Big Game Trip with TunaXXL
The famous journalists from "Fisch und Fang",  Christian Hoch and Mathias Fuhrmann were guests of TunaXXL. They had some tremendous catches, took fantastic photos and unique film shots, while having a great time!!!
Look forward to the July 2009 Edition of "Fisch und Fang"..  The "Fisch und Fang" DVD brings you shots of hunting bluefins and spectacular views of  fighting the fish together with the landing of a 965 lb. bluefin, caught by Christian Hoch, editor-in-chief, "Fisch und Fang".

Various photos about TunaXXL

Supplementary catches, fighting fish impressions, nature and landscape views in and around Canso, Nova Scotia.

TunaXXL offers you a fishing adventure which has not been available to many fishermen for a long time - catching big bluefin tuna.

We offer all- inclusive tours with flight, car-hire, boat charter and accommodation  The tours can however be booked to suit individual requirements.